This year’s Earth overshoot day earlier than ever – New Cleantech solutions are urgently needed

It’s becoming increasingly clear that innovative cleantech solutions are urgently needed – both in Finland and globally. In just a couple of weeks you’ll have a unique opportunity to roll up the sleeves and start working on the solutions. The Global Cleantech Summit 2015 is your platform for that.

The discussion has, however, already begun. As a part of the summit preparations we have organized virtual brainstorming in order to enable enhanced communication and sharing the ideas. Already 1 400 people have shared their ideas and comments in the brainstorming. Experts and the general public have been eager to contribute to this important theme. Thank you for the ideas and keep them coming!

Technology, data and new attitudes are the building blocks of the circular economy

Many aspects of the discussion in the brainstorming have been linked to the concept of circular economy; to the idea in which the focus is reusing all materials and in which no waste is generated. The participants see that using digitalization of the processes and utilization of Big Data could be keys to success. By this they mean that utilizing the boundless information resources combined with the actual material flows it is always possible to find new uses for the outputs that have previously ended up as waste.

The participants of the brainstorming also bring up the need for the change in attitudes. However, as we all know, changing the attitudes is easier said than done. Especially so, if and when a really fundamental change is needed.

“Western society needs an attitude adjustment. People need to lose the sense of entitlement they think they have when it comes to using our resources. No one has offered any grassroots solutions to get people on board and make a large scale change.”

The stick or the carrot?

According to many participants, the strict regulation is the answer. “Just require it!”. This goes for both, individual consumers and businesses.

Others, however, are more for the carrot. Proving and demonstrating the benefits of circular economy and sustainable solutions will eventually change the attitudes. When something is smart – also financially – it will happen.

“Only environmentally sound solutions may be excellent as such, but they do not turn the tide. Good examples of companies growing and making progress by creating sustainable solutions – this can encourage others to follow and find creative solutions.”

“Favor the forerunners. For example, give electrical car drivers free parking lots”

What kind of attitude changing carrots your organization is using with its stakeholders? Or do you believe more in changing the legislation and regulation? If so, is there something you can do to promote these changes? You´re welcome to share your best practices and learn from those of the others.

See you in the Summit!

Janne Jauhiainen, COO & Anu Kokko, Account Manager
Fountain Park

P.S. The brainstorming’s lottery has been completed. The winner is Jari Makkonen from B&B Advisors Shanghai. He has been invited to join the Global Cleantech Summit for free. Congratulations!

This blog has been published originally on Global Cleantech Summit website.

Anu Kokko

Anu arbeitet bei Fountain Park mit Kunden im öffentlichen Bereich und mit Unternehmenskunden. Ihre besondere Fachexpertise ist die CSR-Arbeit, bzw. die unternehmerische Verantwortung.

”Ich werde inspiriert von interessanten Menschen und ihren Herausforderungen. Es immer anregend in einem Prozess mitzuwirken, in dem die ”Weisheit der Vielen” genutzt wird, alltägliche Führungsprobleme bestmöglich zu managen. Der zufriedene Kunde ist die höchste Belohnung für geleistete Arbeit”.


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