Our office is located opposite the Central Railway Station

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    Arrival via public transport

    The Central Railway Station and the adjacent Rautatientori bus station provide excellent accessibility to public transport, supplemented by the University of Helsinki metro station located below the block.

    Check route planner for more information.


    Private cars have access to the Engel parking facility, which is connected to the Central Railway Station, and the Kluuvi parking facility, which provides direct access to the University of Helsinki metro station.

    Our experts

    Janne Jauhiainen

    Janne is the CEO of the company and also responsible for project generation, analysis, product development and technology.

    • +358 50 321 7977
    Tuomo Lähdeniemi

    Tuomo is one of the founders of Fountain Park and also a Vice President of the company. Tuomo specializes in strategy work and education sector.

    • +358 40 833 3534
    Anu Valtari

    Anu is a winter swimmer. She can crystallize the most meaningful messages about complex issues. Her core capabilities are taking projects and change forward and solving the customer’s challenge by utilizing co-development.

    • +358 50 550 3150
    Hanna Niemelä

    Hanna is an expert in summarizing the most essential topics into clear messages.

    • +358 50 596 4244
    Jari Latvalahti

    Knowledge Management, Health Care and Welfare, International Benchmarking, Information Society – these are few keywords describing Jari’s competence and knowhow.

    • +358 50 312 0298
    Lea Remes Visual designer

    Lea works as a visual designer and always strives for an excellent end result in customer work. Lea is a very creative professional with an eye for detail.

    • 050 410 9063
    Teppo Nieminen

    Teppo has experience in supporting clients both in Finland and internationally. His primary focus areas are strategy work and change management. His wide-ranged interest in social phenomena makes it easy for him to fit things in a wider context.

    • +358 50 544 1623
    Roland Steenblock

    Roland is responsible for the German speaking markets with Fountain Park Executive Consulting. His international general management expertise provides an excellent value proposition to our customers.

    • +49 0 214 690 590 00
    Jukka Viitasaari

    Jukka Viitasaari is an experienced entrepreneur, business figure and board professional. His areas of interest include lean strategies, cybersecurity, customer value and innovations. Jukka is also one of the founders of Cyberwatch Finland.

    • +358 40 823 5507
    Riitta Ahlholm

    Riita Ahlholm has a lot of diverse leadership experience from Finland, and from international organizations. She helps clients in a wide variety of different change management situations and works as a partner at Fountain Park.

    • +358 40 503 1318
    Christer Granlycke

    Christer is an experienced coach and project manager who focuses on the client’s journey into the future. He has a deep and extensive experience and understanding of the challenges at many different stages of society, both public and private. The core competence is in the development of operational activities and strategy.

    • +358 405629642
    Heljä Misukka

    Heljä has long been one of the leading influencers of education policy in Finland. He has 30 years of experience in education and teaching, e.g. As a decision-maker, secretary of state, expert and leader, he now works with partners in the field of influential communication and as a consultant in the field of education through his own company LovEdu. Heljä is a partner at Fountain Park.

    • +358 50 528 6682