Fountain Park

What is our core idea?
We offer digital solutions for management and organizational development, which are based on crowdsourcing. Our specialists in leadership, strategy, corporate social responsibility and education sector will help customers through the development processes. By engaging stakeholders we will find our customers’ most relevant development areas.

How we do it?
Virtual brainstorming involves and engages even a large group of stakeholders, and it also makes the process visible. Additional facilitation and strategy services are also available according to customer needs.

Why is this relevant?
It’s smart to listen to stakeholders. Crowds of people have tons of great ideas and information which can be useful in your business. In general, people are willing to help and share their ideas and time, when the topic is important in their everyday life.

Our working methods enhance the access to business-relevant information. We don’t drown our customers into the sea of information, on the contrary, our evaluative method and data analyzer’s knowhow produces a concrete proposal of the most relevant issues. The principle of crowdsourcing is also fair, as it will raise the best ideas out, not the loudest requirements.


We believe that in the future good leadership will consist of inclusion and constant dialogue unlimited by space or time. Leadership is also very much about anticipating surprises. This anticipation requires reliable and innovative tools with which to handle the most relevant pieces of the big picture.

Corporate Responsibility

Fountain Park is a member of the UN Global Compact Nordic network. We report on our progress in the implementation of the ten principles of the Global Compact in the Communication on Progress report (COP). Read our newest report here Fountain Park COP 2015.

Open positions

You can contact us about open positions by sending an open application to

Basic information on Fountain Park Oy

  • Founded in 2000
  • Owned by personnel
  • Employs 11 people
  • Clients include hundreds of companies and other organizations, both in Finland and abroad