Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are easy to do and difficult to make work. Often preparations such as due diligence and valuation occupy management agenda before the purchase, while functional integration dominates after deal has been closed. Less thought can be spared to mental and cultural integration of the two organizations.

With traditional methods alone, understanding, accommodating and managing attitudes and emotions in organizations is slow, expensive and difficult.

Listen and be transparent – build trust

A successful integration begins with listening and being transparent and responsive from day one. This builds mutual trust that makes successful integration possible. The challenge is to understand what goes through the minds of the people in the acquired company, and sometimes also on the acquiring side.

What are the perceived opportunities and fears, expectations and hopes?

  • What changes are seen as welcome, inevitable or feared?
  • What is the reality of integration as it proceeds – what changes over time and what remains the same?

Understanding these questions helps management and integration teams to a smoother and more successful integration that achieves strategic targets set for the acquisition.

People Integration Service for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

People Integration Service has been proved to speed up and smooth the path to a successful organization working together for common goals. It gives fast and actionable answers and recommendations that helps management to deal with cultural and organizational integration from Day Zero to 6-12 months and beyond.

To get the absolute best results, the process should be planned in advance and ready to go on the day the news breaks.