CIMO increased effectiveness by engaging stakeholders to virtual dialogue

CIMO’s (Centre for International Mobility) mission is the internationalization of Finnish society. It operates in a multi-dimensional network, with thousands of players at home and at abroad.

CIMO wanted to increase effectiveness and productivity by involving stakeholders and personnel to the strategy work. Since stakeholders are widely scattered geographically, a natural way to capture their ideas was to set up a common web-based brainstorming.

In practice, CIMO’s director Pasi Sahlberg invited stakeholders to brainstorm collectively. This inspiring and innovative approach engaged them into an active dialogue.

Stakeholders’ opinions were taken as a baseline for the strategy. This was then refined further online among the participants.

Virtual brainstorming produced a wealth of new material for CIMO’s board of executives. Viewing the results from the perspective of different stakeholder groups, gave valuable insight on what is important for corresponding groups, respectively. Creating CIMO’s strategy this way, it now takes into account the views of CIMO’s top management, its’ personnel, and stakeholder groups.

“Key criterion to the success of our strategy work is that we executed it in an interactive way with our stakeholders and key partners. Without the service of Fountain Park, we would have been dependent on traditional meetings. Furthermore, we would most likely currently be only halfway into our journey – as opposed to where we are now. ” Pasi Sahlberg, director

Further information: Tuomo Lähdeniemi