Customer orientation to home care services in South Karelia Social and Health District

South Karelia Social and Health District Development Project engaged home care staff members into Virtual Brainstorming. The aim was to reflect how home care services could be developed in a customer oriented approach.

South Karelia Social and Health District wanted to provide their entire staff with a possibility to have their say on how to improve their daily work, and to generate concrete improvement ideas. To make this happen they teamed up with Fountain Park.

The project consisted of Virtual Brainstorming and unit level virtual workshops for staff members. The outcomes were unit level action plans, including clear role definitions and task timelines.

In order to involve the entire staff, two rotating methods were used: Virtual workshops and face to face sessions. Virtual Brainstorming increased staff understanding of home care service requirements. In addition, it engaged all personnel to define actual development actions.

”Financial constraints set the limits for service development. Efficiency improves when one understands the importance of service from the customers’ point of view”, says project coordinator Tarja Viitikko from South Karelia Social and Health District.

Fountain Park’s Virtual Brainstorming enhanced information gathering, and encouraged the staff to think about how to further develop their own work.

Further information: Anu Valtari