Gasum mapped stakeholders’ sustainability related views with the Strategy Dialogue

Gasum included its Nordic clients, partners and personnel into a sustainability dialogue to support their long-term sustainability goals. Over 1 000 people answered and gave over 1 500 views to develop Gasum’s sustainability. The active participations helped create a framework for the further development.

The Nordic energy market expert Gasum has executed long-term sustainability work and worked actively towards a carbon neutral society. Sustainability is an important communication topic and a part of the strategy. Gasum wanted to increase the effectiveness of their sustainability work and gain a holistic view of what the customers and other stakeholders are expecting from the company.

Gasum exploited the two-phase Strategy Dialogue in its sustainability discussions. In the first phase a vast stakeholder group gave its ideas and visions. The results were further processed internally by Gasum’s personnel.

“The feedback has been extremely valuable, and we will continue the stakeholder dialogue in the future.”

Gasum’s Sustainability Manager Elina Saarivuori thinks that the Fountain Park Strategy Dialogue is an excellent way of receiving feedback and including different stakeholder groups in the discussions.

”We have received lots of great standpoints from our stakeholders to support our sustainability work. Hearing our stakeholders’ opinions ties the sustainability work into a broader context and creates the frame for further development. The feedback has been extremely valuable, and we will continue the stakeholder dialogue in the future. The positive sustainability score given us by our stakeholders tells us that we have done the right things and that the image of Gasum as a sustainable company is just right.”

The results will be exploited in developing communications and sustainability reportage.

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