Involving employees in strategy work in early stage at Helen

Involving employees in strategy work was how energy production company Helen started the process of updating the strategy. Company emphasized listening and participating all employees to the process in an inclusive and board way. We want our employees’ views to be involved in strategy work. Through a joint online dialogue, understanding of the strategy and the need for reform will be strengthened. The implementation of the final strategy will also be smoother,” says Pirjo Jantunen, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Helen.

Personnel was invited to the online Strategy Dialogue at the planning stage. The aim was to map the thoughts of the staff on Helen in 2024 time frame. In addition, views were gathered on how Helen will succeed in the competition, renew functions and take forward new ways of working.

Helen wanted to hear the staff’s views on future changes and strategic priorities.  In addition, staff views are an important to the ongoing brand brightening work.

Involving employees in strategy work was the hope of the staff

“When employees are heard on an early stage, the new strategy and changes will not come as a surprise. We already know in advance what employees think about the key themes. This also makes communication on the strategy easier. One excellent result was that employees want more cooperation and we take this into account in strategy work,” says Jantunen.

Online Strategy Dialogue was used as a participatory method to complement face-to-face workshops and some interviews.

“We also utilized the Strategy Dialogue service in engagement and listening to employees with the previous strategy reform and received good feedback from the staff. Employees hoped early listening and engagement also this time, and this online Strategy Dialogue is a good service for that need.”

A well-known partner made it quick and easy to us to listen the ideas from a wide range of employees and utilize the results.

“Special thanks for the agility and speed with which our partner Fountain Park served us. The schedule was scarce, but we got the results from content planning, extensive employee involvement and listening, and qualitative material to benefit us in strategy work just as we wished.”