Kotka-Hamina region trade strategy is kept vivid trough practical experimentation

One of the main goals of the regeneration process was to get rid of the blandness often associated with strategy management. Regional development company Cursor wanted to focus on revitalizing the area’s business activity trough practical experimentation.

“An integral part of the process was Fountain Park’s Virtual Brainstorming. It gave us plenty of material and ideas with which we can put our strategy into practice. In addition, we learned a great deal about how to further enable regional development.” says Cursor CEO Mika Perttunen.

“The guiding principle is how to create a process that is not dictated by a strategic white paper, but instead by an inspired group of people, stakeholders from all areas creating the vibrant future of the region together.” says Cursor Service Director Mr. Jouni Eho, who is charged with coordinating the region’s strategy process.

“We are able to pull people in to execute our strategy, and we create a positive vibe by demonstrating that we’re about getting things done instead of just pushing around boring strategy papers.

The guidelines of our trade strategy are taking shape. The expansion of the metropolitan area is seen as a great opportunity, especially in terms of investments and the pull to draw in new talent.”

At the same time, a simple but demanding development area has been recognized – something needs to be done to develop the regions general attitude towards a more positive and communal approach when dealing with challenges.

“We are facing a simple choice – we can either keep on complaining about how things are not right in the area, or spread the word about all the great possibilities we have in front of us here at Kotka-Hamina region. In practice this means co-operation and co-creation between different stakeholders, experimentation and clear communication. To achieve this, we need more entrepreneurship, courage and the strength to take risks. A common direction and a common message, to which we can all adhere to, is crucial to our success.” Mr. Eho states.

“Our experience with working with Fountain Park was extremely positive and invigorating. Their strong experience with similar corporate processes added clear value to our project. The process was practical, effective and it created new methods of development.” says Mr. Perttunen.


Further information: Tuomo Lähdeniemi