Lassila & Tikanoja’s change journey takes place through engagement

At L&T, people are not left alone in the midst of change. Fountain Park’s service has been a way of getting a large number of people brainstorm and give feedback in an interactive way. At L&T, the service was utilised when a new managing director started, as well as in deployment of strategic programmes.

Change is expected from a new manager—start change by listening to your personnel

Lassila & Tikanoja’s Managing Director Pekka Ojanpää joined the company in 2011. On his first working day, he challenged the whole company to tell about what they were proud of and to brainstorm on how to accelerate L&T’s growth. The method used was Fountain Park’s Icebreaker service.

As a starting point, I got thousands of views for accelerating L&T’s growth, as well as 30 pages of greetings personally directed to me, Pekka Ojanpää says.

The personnel’s views were taken seriously, and even during the first months there was a lot happening at L&T. One of the most significant issues was constructing new strategy.

The strategy is implemented in an inclusive manner

In the spring 2015, L&T had launched several strategic programmes and projects. Proactive and committed people were involved in several development projects at the same time, and they also looked after attaining their own business goals. In the midst of an intense pace of change, people – even managers – should not be left alone, but monitoring the progress of the change and constantly securing its requirements is important.

In this situation, Fountain Park was used to find out how the change was progressing and with what practical measures the deployment of strategic programmes could be secured.

What people experience in the field is, unfortunately, filtered many times before it reaches the manager. Therefore deployment and providing channels for influence is important, Ojanpää says.

The reception for the online brainstorming was positive, and participation rate was very high. As a result, four main themes were identified, and by focusing on these L&T can best support change.

Fountain Park’s service has been an excellent way of getting a large number of people to brainstorm and give feedback in an interactive way. Experiences show that the results of the process can be efficiently utilised in the development of the organisation. We have utilised the results in many ways in planning and communicating the strategic Management development programme, Head of HR Development Nina Mellin says.

Further information: Janne Jauhiainen