Listening to employees is important to Paulig

Listening to employees is important to Paulig. They are doing it in several cases and in several ways, both online and face to face. “We have received excellent overall service from the practical design of online Strategy Dialogue implementation to a well-compiled final report. Expertise has been good at every stage. You can help the customer, ”says Anita Laxén, Director of Communications at Paulig.

Paulig has used the online Strategy Dialogue service twice in two different situations. The first time in 2016 Paulig tried out a new agile way of collecting views within the organization on how to develop culture. The Strategy Dialogue service was topical again in 2018 when the new CEO Rolf Ladau took the lead. He wanted to start his work in Paulig by listening people in the organization widely and getting an overall picture of the organization.

According to Anita Laxen, the service was inspiring already on the first time.

“The online Strategy Dialogue is an easy-to-use, fun and low-threshold way to get people involved in more difficult topics. Not too dashing or difficult consultant language, but inspirational service.”

The Strategy Dialogue helped the new CEO to get an overall picture in an agile way

The new CEO Laday was able to listen more and different views than would ever have been possible at face to face method. The result was a backrest for my own views. Both Laxén and Ladau said that collaboration with Fountain Park and Strategy Dialogue service helped to see issues in the organization more clearly than they could do with their own power.

“An excellent and amazed feeling. On both occasions, the Strategy Dialogue offered more results  out of it that what was believed.”

“The process, results and reporting on both occasions was extensive and well-structured, so it is easy to use results and authentic citations from participants to support both communication and decision making. For example, in the final year’s review of the CEO, there are snapshots from the latest online dialogue, as well as videos based on the material. ”