Ovenia Group new CEO took a hands on approach to development themes


“Just a few weeks after I started as Ovenia Group CEO, I had the results of the Fountain Park New CEO Onboarding -survey at my disposal. Then, together with the Ovenia Group executive board we chose the most vital themes, which we then finalized to concrete action plans by the way of Virtual Brainstorming. The actions necessary for growth and profitability were then easy to immediately communicate to the employees at the same time as we gave the organisation an advance heads-up on upcoming larger development plans.

Now, with the aid of a continuous virtual organizational emotions tracker monitored by Fountain Park, we are able to accurately gage the pulse of the organization and react immediately to any shifts if necessary.”

Sirpa Ojala, CEO Ovenia Group

Further information: Hanna Ali-Melkkilä and Jarkko Kuusinen