Solteq built success factors from the ideas of its personnel

When he started as Solteq’s new managing director, Repe Harmanen wanted to involve the personnel in thinking about the company’s success factors. Solteq personnel enthusiastically participated in the brainstorming: nearly 600 original comments were collected in a short time. The results are utilised in Solteq to support strategy work, among other things.

Fountain Park’s approach and service impressed me already in the planning phase. The Icebreaker service exceeded my expectations in terms of speed, ease of use and the quality and quantity of information. I feel like the service really benefited me. I will use the feedback I received for a long time as one perspective into developing the company. I feel like I now have a good view of our whole personnel’s ideas to support my work, Repe Harmanen, Managing Director

Further information: Janne Jauhiainen