The Stakeholder dialogue supported the Kanta-Häme strategy process

A two-phased stakeholder dialogue supported the regional strategy of Kanta-Häme (Tavastia Proper) by helping the stakeholders generate ideas on the daily life and the most important future topics for the region. The stakeholder dialogue included the residents, personnel, board and organization advocates of Kanta-Häme. The versatile observations and insights were further processed in a virtual workshop directed to the regional board.

The results of the stakeholder dialogue included the values, services and procedures that support the residents’ happy daily life. The results conformed the Oma Häme values in preparation, communality, customer-oriented approach, effectiveness and courage. Kanta-Häme region’s decision makers pondered on the region of their dreams, its strengths and the concrete ways of improving the residents’ wellbeing.

“In terms of participation, we got a credible and enthusiastic group included in the discussions. The ideas closed up, iterated and richened throughout the two-phased process. The preparation of the strategy will be emphasized on focus of the dialogue in the future, and the main themes didn’t need to be questioned”, says Matti Lipsanen, director at Hämeen liitto.

More information: Jari Latvalahti