STTK probed their members’ opinions on the development of municipal services

Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK implemented an extensive future survey with Fountain Park in 2012 to support their municipal election campaign and strategy work. The theme was: what kind of municipality would you like to live in?

The organisation wanted to have fresh perspectives for the programme work in the municipal elections. All member organisations were included in the reflection process.

Participation was encouraged through means of active marketing e.g. in social media, and their joint reflection reached 12,000 participants. These participants gave their time for the reflection altogether for more than 300 working days.

The results made the priorities in developing municipal services clear to STTK. They revealed which new issues and emphases it should include in the agenda for municipal reform and lobbying.

The survey reveals silent signals. With their help, we can redeem our own promise to be one step ahead of our time. The results also provide tools for discussion and help us approach different groups of citizens, Secretary General Leila Kostiainen says.

Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK is the largest professional confederation of professionals in Finland. It consists of 17 trade unions and their altogether 608,000 members.

Further information: Tuomo Lähdeniemi