Students involved in Haaga-Helia’s strategy process

Haaga-Helia wanted to clarify its strategy and find elements that would advance competitive edge in the future. The virtual brainstorming collected the views of central interest groups, such as students, teachers and cooperation partners on how the educational institution should be developed. Multiculturalism is also taken into account by making use of the different language versions of the virtual brainstorming.

Values as a foundation for a strategy discussion

During the process, values gained significant attention in the participants’ comments. In addition to flexibility, internationalism and communality, descriptions related to values that came up in the discussion were encouragement, support, humaneness, respect, encouragement, courage, proactivity, responsibility and social influence. A human touch in particular was a much discussed topic, and for example mentoring was seen as an important part of the learning process.

An organisational culture that supports ideas

Haaga-Helia’s future is envisioned as a flexible pioneer where both students and teachers are willing to renew themselves constantly. Agile updates in both course content and teaching methods correspond with the quickly changing needs in the surrounding world. Haaga-Helia’s students and teachers scan closely the latest trends and the development needs in different fields and inform their cooperation partners respectively.

Fountain Park Oy was a significant cooperation partner in Haaga-Helia’s strategy process, implemented in the spring 2015. The virtual brainstorming that they enabled provided new perspectives and clear signals from diverse interest groups. I can recommend them, rector Teemu Kokko says.

Further information: Tuomo Lähdeniemi