The best care services for the elderly in Welfare District of Forssa

Creating the best elderly care services by involvement

Welfare District of Forssa wanted to discover its stakeholders’ opinions on the best ways of creating care services for the elderly. The district’s most important stakeholders were taken along to an inclusive dialogue to ponder on how to make the daily life of the elderly better by developing top-quality services.

The stakeholder dialogue included members of organizations, political decision-makers and the experts of the district’s elderly services. New ideas on how the stakeholders could improve e.g. round-the-clock services and rehabilitation were brought forth. The district wants the improved elderly services to work straightforwardly by 2022.

Hearing out the service providers

“The most important thing in our collaboration was to include stakeholders and hear people out. We wanted to get different opinions to support the crafting of the best elderly services and those we also got”, says the Senior Services Manager of the Welfare District of Forssa, Annukka Kuismin.

The most important topics to notice in the future include shared living of the elderly, providing caregivers with their own counsellors, having enough personnel and demerging day care from daily rehabilitative activities. Other important themes were collaboration of different parties, making sure people cope well and having continuity in their care.

The results of our collaboration are used as a strong part of the development of the elderly service structures. “The material provided strongly supports my own and nationwide thoughts on the development of elderly services. The same themes have been prepared provincially for already two years. The material supports the preparations but takes it to our subregion’s level”, Kuismin says.

For more information: Jari Latvalahti & Anu Valtari