Vacon invited its entire staff to participate in the regeneration of vision

Vacon wanted to renew and re-create the Vacon vision, so that their entire staff would embrace it as their own. The regeneration of the vision was part of Vacon’s 20 years celebration. This year of celebration also included the redefining and outlining of Vacon’s strategy, and their strategic plan to action.

The project had two main goals:

1. Effectiveness

2. The recognition of the main elements of the Vacon vision.

Both goals were realized, and Vacon continued the definition of its vision in a group task force model.

The regenerated vision was then launched in conjunction with the renewed strategy.

“With Fountain Park’s help we were able to include our entire staff to innovate and create our new vision in a very agile manner. Virtual Brainstorming is an easy and quite a cost effective way to enable conversation over the web.”

Sebastian Linko, Chief Information Officer

At its best, a vision that is shared by the entire staff guides everyone towards achieving the common goal. A shared vision inspires and motivates the whole staff, as daily work becomes more significant to each individual member of the staff.

The vision was brought to the extended executive board for further development. The methods used were group workshops and Virtual Brainstorming.

The information harvested was utilized in Virtual Brainstorming sessions for the staff. The effect was enhanced by active sharing of the information in the company intra, blogs, posters and various other avenues of communication.

At the end of 2013 Vacon communicated its new vision and strategy, and of its staff’s active role in the regeneration of the vision.

Further information: Janne Jauhiainen