VTT’s new CEO wanted to hear the thoughts and opinions of VTT staff

CEO Antti Vasara utilized Virtual Brainstorming the very first day in his new position as VTT’s new CEO. He challenged the entire VTT staff to contemplate what kinds of changes were necessary to ensure VTT’s future success. What works, what should be given more emphasis, what practices need to be let go and what are the things that create real value for the customer

The crowdsourcing of the employees ideas was done by utilizing Fountain Park’s Icebreaker Virtual Brainstorming, which acts simultaneously as a venue for a new CEO to gather information as well as an avenue for open communication. As the new CEO was able to introduce himself to all employees in virtual format, he was able to clearly communicate about his procedural methods and his way of working. An integral part of his message was that everyone’s thoughts and visions are not only welcomed, but absolutely vital for the future success of the company.

The VTT staff participated very actively in the survey, and produced over 5500 open ended answers to the questions posed. The discussion was constructive and professional, and the CEO’s unconventional manner of approach to improve the company was greatly appreciated within the VTT staff.

”This kind of brainstorming is the only way to get an objective view of the state of affairs at VTT. I hope that you continue the way you started, by listening to us who work at VTT”

“This was a great way of starting your VTT career. It has already got a lot of good feedback from the personnel. Thanks for that!”

“While answering I was positively surprised from the topics at the “rate these 20 items”-page. They covered most of the worries that people here share. And they seem to be quite “honest” topics. It is good to know that these issues are shared through the organization. “

Fountain Park’s results analysis raised 18 key themes from the vast amount of material, based upon which several recommendations for actionable procedures were made. The results of the analysis were evaluated by the executive board, and were then implemented immediately. In keeping with transparency, the results of the analysis were shared with the entire staff.

Video conferences were also conducted within the organizations different divisions, to further refine and communicate the results. In these conferences the CEO, together with the staff, engaged in a dynamic dialogue about how to lead and implement the necessary changes and points of development. These discussions were enthusiastically received by the staff.

Further information: Jarkko Kuusinen