We serve organisations with strategic development processes where engaging interest groups and different perspectives are needed to reach a good outcome.

By communicating about the development process and making its phases transparent, taking interest groups into consideration, you will create more commitment and valuable perspectives from different parties and ensure that the measures go more smoothly.

You will benefit from involving interest groups in the development using our method:

  • The participants can evaluate what is important for them from their own perspective and/or those provided by others.
  • You will discover silent signals among the interest groups.
  • You will have communicative clues on how to approach the interest groups.
  • You will make the development process transparent and conversational.
  • You will learn a democratic way to act. The most important issues are presented in a concise manner, instead of the loudest opinion drawing all the attention.
  • You will use your own and others’ time in an efficient manner.
  • You will be able to use the results and concrete suggestions for measures quickly.

Our service is suitable for development of management, strategy and value discussion, supporting initiative and project evaluation, combining/developing operations, channel for civil and member discussion and as means of monitoring measures.