Strategy Dialogue service drives co-creation and accelerates change

Online Strategy Dialogue has been developed to support management and organizations in different phases of strategy and change processes. We serve organisations where dialogue with interest groups is needed  in order to reach a better outcome.

The Strategy Dialogue service is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to gain insights and increase the engagement of a wide range of people. The results can be utilized in a few weeks from the start of co-operation.

A new and inspiring way of co-creation provides valuable input, issues to the development process, and raises essential point on the agenda. Self-reflection and peer review process supports effective leaderships and communication, open dialogue and higher stakeholder engagement. Make your development process visible and conversational.

Our service is suitable for the effective acceleration of strategy work, leadership and change processes in both the corporate and public sectors. It is used widely in development of management, strategy and value discussion, supporting initiative and project evaluation, combining/developing operations, channel for civil and member discussion and measuring development.