Civil dialogue

There is always need for citizens to be genuinely heard by decision-makers. Citizens are willing to participate in joint reflection and solving challenges. Many organisations and communities aim to utilise the citizens’ ideas and views. Instead of shouting and hate speech, our method provides a channel for constructive dialogue where the organisation will receive development suggestions weighed by a large number of citizens.

Citizens should be heard, engaging them by providing background information and in a wide-oriented manner. Their interpretations, experiences and solutions to structured challenges should be probed.

Appreciative inclusion creates a true sounding board for decision-making when the participants receive a sufficient amount of information at the same time. There is wisdom in the crowd when you know how to find it.

Making civil dialogue more influential with the help of virtual brainstorming

With the help of our virtual brainstorming, you can introduce an issue and let the general public bring their views to the arena. At the same time, citizens can evaluate each others’ views. This generates dialogue, and it is not just a stream of consciousness of individual people. The method is also democratic, because the best ideas receive support, not those who present their opinion in the loudest manner.

We have implemented civil dialogue for e.g.

  • several ministries, public offices and media regarding topical themes
  • cities regarding e.g. cost savings or development of management
  • organisations in order to define future prospects.

As a result, the citizens obtain information and understanding about different issues. In this manner, they also have the possibility to forward your message.