Co-creating and customer experience

Engage your customers and interest groups in the development of your services in order to ensure that your resources are appropriately allocated and you create services that best meet your customers’ needs.

With our service:

  • You will gain insight into a customer-centric perspective.
  • You can compile the interest groups’ views regarding a purposeful service structure.
  • You will understand different perspectives and application needs.
  • You will find the most suitable service processes for different phases or different customer types.
  • You will receive feedback on practical experiences and applicability.
  • Financial profitability increases when the services better meet the demand.

Understanding the needs of your target group creates confidence in building competitive edge; development of services and products, service design and directing marketing. For this reason, involving customers, partners and even citizens in the development work is almost necessary.

Do you know what your interest groups and customers think of your company and your services? With the help of our service, you can refine the content of the barrel of wishes. The participants can evaluate what is important for them from the perspective of others.  Often something that is discussed most in social media, for example, is not what people feel is the most important issue.

Our service is suitable for:

  • Developing services and products, incl. service design
  • Enhancing workshop operations
  • Building community and engagement
  • Enhancing commitment
  • Deployment of the results of personnel surveys
  • Looking for weak signals
  • Providing quality time to the customer with your brand