Customer experience

Companies measure customer experience to a great extent. The essential question is, however, how this information is utilised and how it leads to action.

The important questions may be:

    • what does customer experience information tell you, what themes can be identified?
    • how does customer experience information influence strategy?
    • where is customer experience information accumulated?
    • who processes the information, how regularly and in what way?
    • how does the information influence the ongoing or future development projects?
    • which issues must we react to immediately, and which are long-term issues?

Customer experience dialogue puts the right things on the agenda

Fountain Park’s customer experience dialogue is, at best, a constant Service of which phases are agreed upon together with the customer. We recommend tuning customer experience dialogue according to the company’s annual cycle, for in this manner the development agendas arising from the work support the business operations as well as possible.

There are two service options:

  1. customer experience dialogue that collects new information and refines it into development agendas
  2. customer experience dialogue that further refines the information that the customer already possesses into development agendas

The customer receives a development agenda that is updated at regular intervals, with customer experience genuinely at the core of it.