Customer-oriented social and health care services

Social and health care services are a field for great development opportunities. Increasingly scarce resources and a more challenging field of operations force one to examine the production processes of social and health care services. The work must be organised and guided towards more effective working methods, technologies, networking and cooperation. With the help of our service, you will engage the interest groups to consider together how the services should be developed for them to work as well and as effectively as possible.

Interest groups can be engaged in considering e.g.

  • Customer-oriented home services
  • Better patient security
  • Combining work and family life in a more flexible manner
  • Influencing local services in a customer-oriented manner
  • Developing a pleasant work place in the social and health care field
  • Customer-oriented training packages in the social and health care field
  • How to assist family caregivers in coping with working life
  • Developing a service voucher