Corporate responsibility

Responsibility is an increasingly important decision-making criterion in companies’ all operations. Pioneering companies have integrated corporate responsibility as a part of their business operations. You can find new business and competitive edge at the same time as you are solving global sustainability issues.

Interest group dialogue as a part of GRI G4 reporting

Engaging interest groups as well as continuous responsibility communication are necessities. We know, with experience from dozens of projects, how personnel and external interest groups, such as customers, can be involved in responsibility work. Dialogue with interest groups brings out both current and future needs and helps to identify the essential, for example as a part of a reporting process in accordance with GRI G4.

At Fountain Park, we believe that effective responsibility work is constant, transparent, systematic and business-oriented. Instilling responsibility as a part of business operations is long-term work.

Contact us when you wish to:

  • Anticipate the future
  • Involve interest groups in open dialogue
  • Identify the effects that responsibility has on business operations
  • Steer responsibility towards becoming a part of productive business operations instead of an expense
  • Prepare materiality analyses in accordance with the GRI G4 process
  • Engage in active, open and interactive responsibility communication


Our cooperation partner is Mitopro, a company specialising in corporate responsibility.


We are involved in the operations of FIBS corporate responsibility network.


We abide with the principles of the UN Global Compact.