The strategy should be prepared in an inclusive manner, so that all perspectives, experiences and information can be utilised. Deployment of the strategy into practical measures happens by making it a concrete tool for everyday operations.

When strategic priorities have been defined, you should involve all the people in whose work the strategy should be implemented in considering how the strategy can best be linked with everyday operations and measures.

The inclusive strategy process will help you:

  • Know what happens in your operating environment, and what can happen.
  • Form a common picture of different futures and the threats and possibilities they provide.
  • Increase the future orientation of the organisation and make your employees observe their operating environment.
  • Find out the mainstream thoughts and less likely development trends, as well as possible blind spots.
  • Obtain the views directly and unfiltered from the organisation’s interfaces.
  • Communicate to the organisation about the significance of anticipation and change agility, and the challenges it poses on all.
  • Follow the implementation of the strategy on the operational level, and set interim goals.
  • Direct the activities again when the operating environment changes.

Deployment of the strategy in every-day work

Using our inclusive strategy process, you will involve the personnel from the first metres of preparing the strategy. We provide tools and methods for implementing the strategy when it is understood and adopted.

  • You will communicate about the strategy to everyone and make sure that they get the message.
  • You will identify the central position of the supervisors and provide them tools in the chain of strategy communication.
  • You will ensure that the strategy content is not in conflict with the goals set for the personnel.
  • You will link the strategy with everyone’s own work.
  • You will form convincing strategic goals.