The manager’s 100 days

A new manager is expected to take over the organisation and the situation very quickly, within the first 100 days. Change is a demanding situation, but it always conceals the possibility for development.

In the first phases, it is important to grasp the organisation’s development potential, the expectations of the personnel and interest groups, as well as the questions bubbling under the surface. Another essential matter is building trust, in order to make people commit to working towards common goals.

Challenges in the operating environment

  • Investors are more interested than ever in how successful the choice of manager is.
  • The new manager is expected to produce results more quickly than ever.
  • Managers’ employment relationships can be terminated more easily if the business targets are not reached effectively.

Manager’s job challenges

  • Time pressure
  • What should they do first?
  • What do people expect?
  • How to take over the situation?
  • How to ensure that the view of the situation is correct?
  • How to monitor that the measures are successful?

You will get a head start using our IceBreakerTM service

Our service has helped managing directors, business executives, public sector managers (e.g. city mayors), executive board members and chairpersons of the board of directors transferring to new tasks to make use of the first 100 days as effectively as possible. The service is also suitable for those who have been given a new managerial position in the same organisation.


  • The time spent on the onboarding phase reduces by half.
  • You will obtain an unfiltered and direct overall view of the state of the organisation.
  • You will discover the obstacles to the organisation’s success, as well as its sources.
  • You can introduce yourself with a unified message to the whole organisation.
  • You will receive a tangible TOP 5 to do list for your use, i.e. tangible development projects and their priorities and monitoring their progress.
  • You will not burn out during the first few months.