A committing value process will turn the work community’s game rules into common rules, in order to create a unified group and a good work community. A lot of interaction is needed for this. Managing people is indirect, and it requires influencing from the inside out. Everyone is involved in influencing, not only those who have been appointed managers.

In addition to one’s own and other people’s experiences, when we consider our own perspective we are influenced by which sources we are used to and which sources we trust. The sense of justice, or the lack of it, is also a motive behind an individual’s opinion formation.

If I have been heard, I am more involved than if I am not heard.

Value discussions to become more effective through a virtual brainstorming

Value discussion through our virtual brainstorming is cost effective because it can be done regardless of the time and place. Typically, the phases of value discussion are:

  • creation of a common set of values
  • updating values
  • deploying values in operations

Having a joint value discussion online also instills the values in practice. When the cornerstone of your management is a genuinely shared understanding of the values important for you, this creates competitive edge that is difficult to reproduce.