Manager’s first 100 days

The manager’s first 100 days is the time frame when a new manager is expected to take over the organization and the situation. New Leader Onboarding service has been developed to accelerate the transition of the senior manager.

Make use of the manager’s first 100 days as effectively as possible

We have many satisfied customers among managing directors, business executives, public sector managers (e.g. city mayors), executive board members and chairpersons of the board of directors transferring to new tasks to make use of the manager’s first 100 days as effectively as possible. The dialogue service will benefit you regardless of whether you come from outside the house or get up from the job inside the organization.

In a few weeks, the New Leader Onboarding service will provide you with a current situation picture and hidden information of the entire organization. Create a foundation for sustainable dialogue with your organization and streamline the necessary changes.

Open dialogue in first 100 days – benefits of New Leader Onboarding service

  • Spent half less time on familiarization
  • Present yourself with a unified message to the entire organization
  • Learn what your personnel and other stakeholders expect from you
  • Get an unfiltered and direct overall view of your organization’s situation and what is bubbling under the surface
  • Find resources and pain points that affect for your organization’s success
  • Take advantage of a prioritized list of concrete development activities
  • Build trust with open dialogue and commit personnel to work towards common goals

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