Strategy work

Strategy Dialogue service is a part of agile and dynamic strategy work. Take advantage on your organization’s internal knowledge of the competitive situation and future vision.

With the online Strategy Dialogue service management can benefit from getting information from all corners of the business and process this knowledge further. Stakeholders can contribute ideas on the market environment and how to turn the strategy into practice. The result is an agile strategy where changes in the operating environment do not come as a surprise, engagement is strong, and implementation is halfway done when the strategy is ready.

Strategy Dialogue service can be applied during the whole strategy process or just some phases of it.

Proactive strategy work

Involve all staff and stakeholders in the strategy work already in the planning stage.

  • Access information flow from all corners of the business about strengths, development targets and trends that affect your business, directly and unfiltered
  • Create a common image of the future and threats and opportunities it offers
  • Know what customers and other stakeholders expect
  • Communicate the direction of development and ensure the engagement to future changes in an early stage
  • Create credible strategy goals
  • Make sure the strategy is in line with other development work

Implementation and measurement of strategy

Communicate new strategic priorities, find the best ways to link the strategy to everyday work and measure progress. With Strategy Dialogue service, the organization’s strategic goals are turned into practical procedures from the point of view of the company management, personnel and partners.

  • Reinforce the understanding of the strategy across the organization quickly and interactively
  • Find out the staff’s attitude towards the new strategy and change
  • Find potential pitfalls and suggestions for solutions
  • Bring the prioritized concrete measures to promote change on a common agenda
  • Provide managers and middle management managers tools for strategy work and implementation
  • Connect your organization’s strategy for everyone’s daily work. The strategy is realized when it is understood and accepted.
  • Measure implementation
  • View the differences in performance between different units

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