Values and culture

Clear values, adopted operating models and blooming culture are created through interaction. Creating common corporate language together helps strengthen the work community’s spirit and clarifies the company image both to the personnel and stakeholders.

When the value work is done well once, it will be a fruitful part of a winning organizational culture. Everyday work becomes more relevant when the managers and personnel share an understanding of what is meaningful to the individuals and the company itself.

The change of the common values and culture require dialogue

Strategy Dialogue about values engages and motivates personnel. A common culture is created when every individual of the personnel adopts the values and starts working according to them every day.

Having a joint value dialogue online also instills the values in practice. When the cornerstone of your management is a genuinely shared understanding of the values important for you, this creates competitive edge that is difficult to reproduce.

If I have been heard, I am more involved than if I am not heard.

We support our customers in different situations

  • defining company culture
  • creation of a common set of values
  • updating existing values
  • deploying values in operations

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