What is a virtual brainstorm?

With Fountain Park Virtual BrainstormTM, people have the possibility to think and develop issues, ideas and their organisation together, regardless of the time or place.

At Fountain Park, we interpret thousands of ideas into clear answers and concrete suggestions for measures.

The process can proceed as follows, for example:

  1. All the interest groups of your choice are called together for a joint virtual brainstorming.
  2. The participants tell about their views in their own words, through open questions.
  3. The brainstorming is encouraged with mental stimuli and perspectives.
  4. The ideas are evaluated together by rating each other’s thoughts and opinions. In this manner, we can discover the most important and most talked-about issues, as well as those that divide opinions.
  5. In the evaluation, concerns and prejudices related to the change will also be taken into consideration, reflecting on how the change feels.
  6. As a result, you will obtain analysed information and concrete suggestions for measures. In this manner, you can make justified decisions with the support of your interest groups.

Fountain Park Virtual BrainstormTM can be implemented in different language versions.