Service development in organizations

Our online dialogue helps you to bring the most important stakeholders, members, clients, partners, and personnel a part of a common development work. You will benefit from your stakeholder’s expertise and know-how while activating and engaging them to have an impact on common goals.

Your stakeholders share their ideas, evaluate each other’s thoughts, and create completely new, versatile solutions which support the service development process and future operations. As a result, you will be provided with analyzed information and concrete proposals to support decision making and development work.

Our service is well suited for e.g. organization’s service development and clarification of brand and customer needs.



Anonymous participation ensures the best, not the loudest ideas are heard


Make the wisdom of your crowds an important part of the development work


Make developing the organization easily accessible and inspirational


Get a wider understanding of versatile viewpoints and coverages


Get valuable stakeholder feedback on common practices and operations

Exceeding expectations

The results help you create new solutions that better fit your stakeholders’ needs

We are glad to help you with e.g. these topics

How do I inspire my stakeholders in service development?
What are the benefits of doing multi-stage development work transparently?
How do I manage the expectations of my stakeholders?
How do I monitor the progress of the development process?
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